Salutations, こんにちは, ようこそ, and welcome!

I wanted to make a couple of update announcements. Without further adieu…

New Address Links: taizenorg

First, an update on the address links to Twitch, social media, and such.

As previously stated, I’ve changed my usernames to better fit the mission of my content creation. You will now find that…

My social media accounts have also not only followed suit, but they truly are in suit!

Note that if you’re already following me on any of these, you still are! The username change doesn’t affect you. For the rest of you, consider yourselves informed.

Go to SOCIAL MEDIA (, which is under SUPPORT/CONTRIBUTE, for more information.

There are also changes on accessing the tipping and merch store links associated with StreamLabs and StreamElements. For more information on those, head to DONATE ( and EMPORIUM (, which are under SUPPORT/CONTRIBUTE.

New Merch In The Emporium

Second, there’s new merchandise available in the Teespring store of Taizen’s Swag Emporium! Make sure to visit and check out the new iPhone cases for the iPhone 12 series, zip-up hoodies, fanny packs, accessory bags, and more. Head over to the EMPORIUM ( straightaway!

Personal Update

While I’ve been doing my best, I still have symptom flare ups from COVID-19 (primarily coughing spells, some of them debilitating, some headache inducing, most of them exhausting). I’m trying to stick to a steady schedule, but these flare ups don’t allow for it sometimes. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully this will be less and less frequent as my convalescence continues and I’ll soon be broadcasting steadily again.

I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. 🙏

That’s all for now. See you online!
May all beings be safe, healthy, and joyous. Gassho. 🙏