「⚠️ NOTE: Some of the information on this page is pending. It will be updated once the final details have been established. ⚠️」


Founded in late 2020 by Link “Taizen” Valiant, Taizen (perhaps eventually The Taizen Organization) was built around content creation that started as a video gaming stream on the Twitch platform (TaizenGaming) which began in March of 2019. The channel also provided guided meditation and Dharma based discussion, all within Taizen’s practice as a student in Soto Zen Buddhism. This began in January of 2020, after his 受戒 (jukai, a ceremony for lay ordination as a Soto Zen Buddhist) in November of 2019.

He has since evolved the channel from a gaming and the occasional meditation stream into a platform for service in Soto Zen as well as an educational venue for Buddhism and for information technology, both while keeping the informative and humorous entertainment through the reactive play of video games.


The mission of Taizen to provide the education and services of Soto Zen Buddhist practices and Buddhism, the education and assistance of information technology, and the education and entertainment of video games, and to do so in a widely accessible matter.

Public Benefit

Taizen aims to help in the alleviation of suffering by providing benefits to the public in the following ways…

  • Providing freely accessible education and service for Soto Zen Buddhism, including guided meditation and zazen, discussion on the teachings and practices of the Buddha (the Dharma), discussing the teachings of other related figures (Shunryu Suzuki, Dainin Katagiri, Dōgen, among many others), and providing a mindful space for practicing Buddhists and any others interested alike.
  • Providing freely accessible education on information technology, primarily at a consumer level, including new technologies, devices, usage, and basic troubleshooting, particularly to low income persons.
  • Providing freely accessible entertainment and information on video games by way of presentation.

All of these benefits assist the public by easy access through the Internet by way of content creation.  This includes using online platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

The overall benefits for which we aim are to alleviate suffering through said education, service, and entertainment, providing wisdom, knowledge, and humor, without promotion of attachment (which causes suffering).

Operation Method

Taizen operates out of Taizen’s office and studio as well as other locations as needed.

This operates with professionalism under the Buddhist ethics and practices stemming from the Eightfold Noble Path, the Ten Grave Prohibitory Precepts (from Soto Zen, which include the generally taught Five Precepts), and teachings related to them.

  1. The Eightfold Noble Path
    1. Right View/Understanding
    2. Right Thought
    3. Right Speech
    4. Right Action
    5. Right Livelihood
    6. Right Effort
    7. Right Mindfulness
    8. Right Concentration
  2. The Ten Grave Prohibitory Precepts (which include the Five Precepts)
    1. To abstain from the willful taking of sentient life.
    2. To abstain from taking that which is not offered or given.
    3. To abstain from indulging sexual greed and misconduct.
    4. To abstain from false speech.
    5. To abstain from indulging in harmful substances that confuse the mind.
    6. To abstain from speaking ill of others.
    7. To abstain from extolling one’s self while slandering others.
    8. To abstain from being avaricious in the bestowal of teachings or materials.
    9. To abstain from the harboring of hatred, malice, and ill will.
    10. To abstain from denouncing the Triple Treasure (the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha).

Donations and Funding

For information on donating to Taizen or funding support through the purchase of merchandise, please visit our donation page at https://donate.taizen.org and our emporium (shop) page at https://emporium.taizen.org. Thank you for your consideration, generosity, and compassion. 🙏


If you have any questions or inquiries, please use our contact form at https://contact.taizen.org. Thank you very much for your interest. 🙏