Here is the public calendar for Taizen. It features a schedule of streams (shows, presentations, etc. online via Twitch; and events in which the organization is attending or hosting.


I am a long hauler of several COVID-19 symptoms. As such, while I do my best to adhere to the schedule, my symptoms can and do become aggressive for several days to several weeks. I may not be able to broadcast live during these times. I appreciate your continued patience and support as my body works through the healing process.


Regular Show Times/Broadcast Schedule

Sunday Funday (Switch, Retro/Vintage, Theme)Every Sunday7:30 PM CTTwitch or
Meditation, Dharma Discussion, Buddhist Study, then Gaming (Switch, Retro/Vintage, Theme)Every Monday7:30 PM CTTwitch
Gaming: Super Mario Maker 2sday (Viewer levels played, !add <Coaurse ID>)Every Tuesday7:30 PM CTTwitch
Gaming: Throwback Thursday (Retro and vintage games of yesteryear)Every Thursday7:30 PM CTTwitch
All shows are subject to change or cancellation.

Upcoming Special Show Times/Broadcasts

All shows are subject to change or cancellation.

Special Events

All events are subject to change or cancellation.


For questions or inquiries, please use our contact form located at Thank you for your time, interest, and consideration.