Taizen works to create and maintain a community that is inclusive and fair while serving as a safe space for all to enjoy. Our general community spaces include the following:


A sangha is a Buddhist community normally belonging to a specific temple, zendo, or meditation center. Sanghas are generally lead by individuals ordained in an official capacity as priests or teachers.

Below are the sanghas to which Taizen belongs. You are welcome to have a look!

  • Inside Dharma/Shinzo Zen Meditation Center: https://insidedharma.org, the Shinzo zendo is hosted by its abbot, Kalen McAllister Roshi. Kalen is my teacher.
  • Firebell Zen: No website, is hosted by Shindo Bradhsaw Roshi. More information forthcoming. Shindo is my Dharma brother; his teacher also being Kalen.
  • Ryumonji Zen Monastery: https://www.ryumonji.org, is hosted by its abbot, Shoken Winecoff Roshi. Shoken is a monk who is Kalen’s teacher and, thus, part of my lineage.

Land Acknowledgement

A land acknowledgement is a formal statement which recognizes the sacred and enduring relationship that exists between indigenous peoples and their traditional territories. We recognize this out of respect, honor, appreciation, and gratitude toward those whose land we dwell upon who have been living and working here since time untold.

The information we use to determine who it is we acknowledge is a website known as Native Land (https://native-land.ca). This site does its best to show native territories (not legally outlined borders, however) worldwide.

You will find the following acknowledgement on our Discord server and the LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT page (https://land.taizen.org).

We acknowledge that this organization, our community, our local talent, and the spaces we maintain, work within, and share from, stand upon the traditional homelands of the Quapaw, Kaskaskia, Osage, Miami, Sioux, Kickapoo, and Haudenosauneega/Iroquois nations. We understand that this land holds great significance for these tribes and their peoples. We recognize and deeply appreciate their continued stewardship, and we hope this written sentiment serves as a proper show of gratitude and honor.