The month of March is Lymphedema Awareness Month, with March 6th being World Lymphedema Day. So many suffer from Lymphedema and, while the main symptom of swelling is common, the severity and effect it has differs from person to person. Many go undiagnosed or undertreated largely due to financial blocks (compression garments, bandages, and supplies are generally not covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid; the Lymphedema Treatment Act seeks to fix this). Research also continues for additional treatments and a cure.

Lymphedema Awareness Month
Lymphedema Awareness Month

I tried researching various informational resources about Lymphedema and nonprofits serving those with Lymphedema and the medical professionals who care for them. Please, take the time to have a look to learn more about this affliction, its treatement, and how you can get involved.

Medical/Clinical Information About Lymphedema

Mayo Clinic
Lymphatic Education & Resource Network
Nebraska Methodist Health System
National Library of Medicine (1)
National Library of Medicine (2)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
American Cancer Society
Lymphedema Information from Medical/Clinical Resources

Non-Profit Organizations for Lymphedema

National Lymphedema Network
Lighthouse Lymphedema
Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema
Lymphatic Education & Research Network
Lymphedema Treatment Act
Non-Profit Organizations Dedicated To Lymphedema Education, Research, and Assistance

Other Information Regarding Lymphedema

The Lymphatic System
Basics of the Lymphedema
Higher Likelihood in Black Women after Breast Cancer Surgery
Additional Information On Lymphedema And Related

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