There are several ways you can help support and make a contribution to Taizen.

  • Follow on Twitch: Following on Twitch is a great way to show support and help get the word out. Just go to the Twitch channel ( and click the Follow button. Remember to keep notifications on so you’ll know exactly when I’m on the air.
  • Subscribe on Twitch: Subscribing on Twitch is another excellent way to contribute and offers bonuses to your viewing and participation experience, including access to custom emotes and ad-free viewing experience. Simply go to the Twitch channel ( and click the Subscribe button. Subscriptions start a $4.99 US per month.
    NOTE: If you have Amazon Prime, you can link it with your Twitch account giving you Prime Gaming. This gives you access to one free tier one subscription per month! Visit Amazon Gaming’s support for more information.
  • Subscribe on YouTube: If you enjoy the clips and content on the YouTube channel, please consider subscribing. It helps the channel organization and it’s free. Go to the YouTube channel ( and click the Subscribe button. Keep those notifications turned on so you’ll when there are new uploads and live streams.
  • Follow on Social Media: Spread the word! Follow me on Twitter (, Instagram (, and Facebook ( Again, keep notifications on so you’ll know when I post. Go to the Social Media page ( for more information.
  • Donate: Donating directly to the channel organization is a fantastic way to support our mission. We have various methods to accept your generous contributions of any amount. Go to the Donate page ( for more information.
  • Purchase Merchandise: If you’d like some swag to go with your support, we’ve got you covered! Show off Taizen’s Zazen Pixel Panda wherever you go. We have a wide variety of clothing, accessories, things for the home, and more. Go to the Emporium page ( for more information.