Hello, こんにちは, ようこそ, and welcome!

This is to announce that I will be hosting The 2 & 200 Community Stream and Gift Card Giveaway! It’s a stream that celebrates 2 years online and the 200 follower milestone on Twitch! This will include playing games together and a couple of raffles featuring digital gift cards for online gaming stores as prizes!

Here’s how it’ll work.

Community Switch Gaming

For the entire stream, we will be gaming with anyone who attends, playing together featuring the Nintendo Switch using the Nintendo Switch Online service. Among the titles up for play will be:

All are welcome to participate or watch, as well as chat and be among friends and fellow fans.

Gift Card Giveaway

There are prizes to be won! That’s right! There will be two (that’s right, TWO) raffles during stream for two gaming gift cards, both digital! They are…

  • Nintendo eShop valued at $50.00 (U.S.)
  • Valve Steam valued at $50.00 (U.S.)

During the stream, you’ll use the !raffle command to acquire an entry to win! You can have multiple entries for more chances to win, and you can enter for one, the other, or both raffles.

Continue reading on how this this works.

While you’re in the Twitch channel during the broadcast, you will earn Zen Panda Points (a custom loyalty point). Each raffle entry (using !raffle) costs 15 Zen Panda Points. These points accumulate the longer you’re in the channel while the stream is live as well as other ways. Refer to the chart below.

Live ParticipationZen Panda Points EarnedAdditional Information
Present In Channel5Earned every 5 minutes.
Active In Channel5Chatting. Earned in addition to presence.
Donating/Tipping5Per $1.00 (U.S.) donated. Must be done at https://streamlabs.com/taizenorg.
Following45Worth three (3) raffle entries if spent on !raffle.
Hosting60Worth four (4) raffle entries if spent on !raffle.
Raiding75Worth five (5) raffle entries if spent on !raffle.
Subscribing105Worth seven (7) raffle entries if spent on !raffle.
All Zen Panda Points must be earned while the stream is live. Use !zpp to check or !givezpp to give some to someone else.

Once time is up on a raffle, the entries are tallied. The bot will chose the winner base on acquired entries.

When This All Goes Down

This streaming event will take place on… SUNDAY, JULY 11th, 2021 at 6:00 PM CDT (7:00 PM EDT, 4:00 PM PDT) on Twitch (https://twitch.tv/taizenorg)! The first raffle will begin in the middle of the stream with the last raffle ending close to the end of the stream.

But, there’s more good news! You can come to earn Zen Panda Points NOW! Come to the Twitch stream whenever we’re live and accumulate your ZPP for to spend in raffle entries for the big day.

Additional Terms and Conditions

A few more rules and conditions apply for the event.

  • You should be 18 years of age or older to participate in the raffles. Those younger should have parent or guardian permission first.
  • Playing games with the community is not a requirement or condition for raffle entry.
  • If you win a raffle, you must be present and respond in chat when your victory is announced to claim your prize. If not, your victory will be forfeit and a new winner will be drawn.
  • If you win and claim your prize, you will receive your prize via direct message from within Twitch. Be sure you have messages enabled in Twitch.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged, modified, or replaced. All completed claims are final.
  • Any attempt or endeavor in cheating or hacking will result in disqualification from both raffles and possible banishment from the channel.
  • All chat rules for the channel and Discord servers must be abided.
  • In case of an error, please allow ample and reasonable time for rectification.
  • Participating in either raffle, or both, is an agreement to all rules, terms, and conditions.

Come sit and be in the moment with me, start collecting your ZPP (Zen Panda Points) and good luck!